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With an experience of two decades, Shrink Packaging Systems Pvt. Ltd is a leader in manufacturing of shrink wrappers & sleeve wrappers & marketing of polyolefin films. It has a state-of-art manufacturing facility in Greater Noida. The shrink wrapping machines used for presentation application include Chamber machines, semi auto & automatic L Sealers, side sealers & shrink tunnels. The Sleeve Wrapping machines used for transport application include automatic sleeve wrappers.


Shrink wrapping plays an extremely important role to offer your brand a presentable look in a highly competitive shelf space in retailing. This presentation makes up for a tamper-evident pack and sparkling, glossy appearance also.

Packs: Stationary, home care, personal care, CDs, computer software, boxed games, gift packs, books and trays of foods/meats/fruits/eggs, etc.


Shrink packaging helps you to hold a collation of products such as jars, tins, bottles etc. together using a strong film or with a cardboard tray, whilst in transit. Apart from protecting the product, this packaging significantly lowers your packing costs when you switch from corrugated cartons. Automatic machines with collation also result in saving on labour & deliver higher efficiency.

Packs: Trays of jars, bottles and canned products, collations of magazines, boxes cartons, industrial products, Home & personal care products, food etc.

We offer solutions to various industries which include Food & Beverages, Personal Care, Home care, Printing & stationary, Pharmaceuticals amongst others.